Let me Tell you a Story

One day while in downtown Port-of-Spain trying to get to a wedding, the wife shoes got caught in a manhole cover. You know some of those things have little holes in them and they are not covered properly.  The shoe heel broke and well, where to find a replacement shoe on a Saturday was the big question?

That was the birth of the idea TriniGo.com in March 2013.

Our biggest challenge was where to get all the data to make this happen and that took us until August 2013 to figure out and included “Let’s drive the islands and collect it“. It also had some telephone book calling and internet research. The rest is history.

We are not done yet. See our Road Map for our future plans.

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Our Relationship

We have built this website and app with you in mind. Our focus is to provide you with a medium to communicate your message to potential customers. We will help you navigate the WEB and work with you in building your business, getting noticed and most of all get found.

TriniGo.com’s Map Integration Is Incredibly Cool and No Limitations.

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