Real Rewards for Everyone is all about Trinidad and Tobago. includes reward points so you can claim all kinds of awesome stuff, coming soon for your contribution! Help Us, Help You.

Surf, Upload Pics, Write a Review = Rewards = Free Stuff


You Earn Points on by:

  • Browsing
  • Going out Take Pictures and Upload them to our site with a review
  • Tell Your Friends
  • Connect with Friends
  • Purchase point to makeup for Free Stuff

The best part is claiming points. WooHoo. Yup. You can claim great free rewards.

  • Water Bottles and Promotional Items
  • Flash Drives
  • Coupons to buy stuff online
  • Discounts at local retailers
  • Give your Friends

More Points gets you bragging rights:

  • Trini to the Bone Badge
  • Dingolay Badge
  • Flambeau Badge
  • All with Multiple Levels.